Skillful Preparation And Administration Of Estates In California

Customized, well-thought-out estate plans are for everyone — individuals, couples with small children and business owners alike — not just for retirees.

Your estate planning can tackle today's challenges, encourage financial security for your loved ones' tomorrows, and spare survivors the inconvenience of complex, often contentious probate proceedings.

At the Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC, our experienced Riverside County estate lawyer listens to your wishes and goals, then formulates just the right combination of will, trusts and powers of attorney that address your specific situation.

Mr. Iverson has improved the lives of his estate clients and their heirs in Southern California for 10 years. He knows how to bring you peace of mind through airtight documentation that can withstand any future legal challenge. And when the time comes to administer an estate, he works closely and effectively with trustees, executors and beneficiaries toward a conclusion that satisfies all parties.

Are you seeking legal and financial protections for a special needs child or incapacitated, elderly loved one? Are you lacking facts you need about guardianships and conservatorships? Are you intent on transferring ownership of a closely held family company to a new generation in your family? Is a will contest developing between relatives who are in conflict over the validity of a will?

For these and many other estate-related predicaments, Michael D. Iverson listens carefully to your side of the story. He conducts in-depth research, thoroughly prepares your case and aggressively advocates for your goals whenever necessary. When your working relationship has run its course, you will know that your interests have been defended at every stage.

A Decade Of Dedication To Solutions For Your Estate Planning And Estate Administration Problems

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