Personalized Guidance For Family Law Issues

Legal, financial and emotional issues created by the decision to divorce can divide once-loving family members. Unmarried couples struggle with paternity matters. Domestic violence can shatter a home and send its occupants fleeing for safety.

All of these dire situations fall under the heading of family law — and only an experienced family law attorney can craft lasting solutions to these problems.

In Murrieta, Riverside County, North San Diego County and throughout Southern California, our law firm can help: the Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC.

Look to our skillful lawyer for solid guidance and support in family law practice areas such as:

  • Legal separation and uncontested divorce
  • Contested and high asset, litigated divorce
  • Child custody and visitation disputes
  • Child support and spousal support guidelines
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets, property, taxes and debts
  • Post-judgment modification and enforcement of custody and visitation arrangements
  • Protective orders that prevent future outbreaks of domestic violence
  • Paternity issues affecting birth mothers, as well as biological fathers seeking closer relationships with their children
  • Same-sex family law and domestic partnerships
  • Grandparent and step-parent adoptions, custody and visitation rights

A Decade Of Dedication To Solutions For Your Family Law Problems

After 10 years of loyal service to a diverse family law clientele, our law firm's commitment to our clients is stronger than ever before. For a closer look at our operation, the facts you need for sound decisions and to candidly exchange ideas with Michael D. Iverson — contact us. Just call 951-428-3989 or remain at our website to reach us by email message.