Gone In 60 Seconds: What To Do If Your Divorce Came As A Surprise

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In many situations when one spouse requests a divorce, it can feel as if the request came from nowhere. Whereas one minute everything seemed fine, 60 seconds later everything has changed as to how you now view your life and your future. Yet despite feeling upset and anxious, it is important you continue to use common sense and good judgment along the way. Should you find yourself on the receiving end of a divorce request, here are some tips to keep in mind for your personal life and from a legal standpoint.

Don't Let Emotions Guide Your Thinking

Whenever you are facing a stressful situation such as this, never let your emotions guide your thinking. Even if you are angry at your spouse, channel that anger in a constructive manner that will allow you to take care of the many details that are certain to follow.

Discuss the Divorce with Your Spouse

Once you have moved past the shock of getting the divorce request, attempt to sit down with your spouse and discuss how things will proceed. If you have children, you should discuss ideas pertaining to living arrangements, schooling, and other areas that will be vital to ensuring both of you continue to be involved in your children's lives. Also, begin talking about your financial situation and how you would want certain assets to be divided since this will be a critical part of your divorce proceedings.

Consult with an Attorney

When a divorce request is made very suddenly, the spouse on the receiving end is naturally caught off-guard. As a result, they often fail to think about scheduling an immediate consultation with an attorney. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes they can make.

If you are facing a divorce, it is always best to hire the services of a skilled and experienced attorney as soon as possible. Since it is likely your spouse has already done so, don't let them get any more of a head start on you than necessary.

By discussing your case with the Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, you can begin to protect your interests regarding finances, property, child custody or visitation, support payments, and other key areas. 

Consider Mediation

Even if news of your spouse wanting a divorce was a surprise to you, it may still be possible to use mediation services to your advantage. While it still highly recommended you hire an attorney to guide you through the divorce process, mediation can allow you numerous advantages along the way.

Along with being a less formal setting where you can still have your attorney present, mediation also gives you the chance to have greater control over the final divorce agreement. If you leave things up to a judge, you give up control over many aspects of what your life will look like post-divorce, which rarely if ever turns out well.

Don't Try to Get Revenge

If you are angry about your spouse requesting a divorce, never try to do anything that can be construed as an act of revenge. Along with obviously never trying to commit any types of criminal acts such as property damage or physical harm, don't try to pit children against one another or against parents in these situations. By approaching your divorce with respect and empathy, you will always get better results.

Should you need additional information about how to navigate the divorce process, consult with knowledgeable legal professionals at the Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson.

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