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Post Divorce 101: Should You Sell Your Ring?
Post Divorce 101: Should You Sell Your Ring?

Many people hold on to their wedding ring after divorce, but should they? If you got to keep your ring in the divorce, then consider selling it. Our Murrieta divorce lawyer looks at the benefits of selling your ring and provides tips on how to sell it below. Benefits of ...

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  • How to Control Your Emotions During Divorce

    Getting a divorce can be very unsettling. When you get married, you thought it would be forever. Coming to terms that this isn't the case may leave ...

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  • Preparing for a Child Custody Case

    Child custody is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of any divorce case . In California, court hearings are one way to decide the issue. Custody is ...

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  • California Family Law: Legal vs. Physical Custody

    Child custody is one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of any divorce case . In California, child custody explains how parents share the ...

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  • What Determines Child Custody in California?

    When parents get a divorce or separate, it’s normal for them to be afraid about how it will affect their time with their children. Because of this, ...

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  • Calculating Child Support in California

    As in other states, California requires both parents to provide for the financial upkeep of their minor children. Even if you separate from your ...

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  • What To Do When a Parent Stops Paying Child Support

    After receiving child support consecutively, it can be concerning when your ex-spouse all abruptly stops making payments. There are many reasons why a ...

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  • How Your Employment Status Affects Child Support

    Losing your job is terrifying, especially if you are paying child support. Since being unemployed significantly impacts your ability to meet your ...

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  • What Are California’s Child Support Laws?

    Like all the other states, California has its own set of laws regarding child support. Following a divorce or separation, child support is an amount ...

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  • Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

    The process of going through a divorce can often be overwhelming and even confusing. On top of the feelings involved with getting a divorce, the legal ...

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