Post Divorce 101: Should You Sell Your Ring?

wedding ring

Many people hold on to their wedding ring after divorce, but should they? If you got to keep your ring in the divorce, then consider selling it. Our Murrieta divorce lawyer looks at the benefits of selling your ring and provides tips on how to sell it below.

Benefits of Selling Your Wedding Ring

Some positives that come from selling your ring after divorce include:

  • Allows you to move on – Your wedding ring can serve as a reminder of your failed relationship. By getting rid of it, you start the process of letting go and moving on which will allow you to open up to new positive experiences.
  • New source of income – Legal fees, alimony, property division, tax consequences, and one income make getting a divorce an expensive process. Selling your ring can help offset these costs.
  • Makes room for better things – When you sell your ring, you’ll have more room in your jewelry box for more things you enjoy.
  • Benefits someone else – Not only do you benefit from selling your ring, but someone else will have the chance to truly appreciate it in the future.
  • Use the funds to do something for yourself – With the extra cash, you can use it to purchase something you’ve always wanted, travel to a new place, or start a hobby or project that you’ve put off in the past. The opportunities are endless!

Tips for Selling Your Wedding Ring

If you decide that you no longer want to keep your wedding ring, there are a few things to consider first in order to ensure that you get the best deal. First, you should decide how you want to sell your ring. There are many options including jewelers, auctions, pawnshops, or online sellers. Do your research on each of these methods and decide which is the best for you.

  • When selling your wedding ring, you should:
  • Work with a certified jeweler or diamond specialist to establish the exact value of your ring
  • Find an established and credible company with honest reviews from past customers
  • Look for companies that are BBB accredited
  • Not use a company that charges you for their service

Selling your wedding ring allows you to cut ties with your past while financially improving your future. Divorce is a stressful process – both financially and mentally. However, by selling your ring you can set yourself up to move on and decrease the stress of your financial situation.

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