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Child support paymentDivorcing spouses have very little to disagree about when it comes to income-based state guidelines for child support. However, if you are unclear as to what your financial support obligations will be — or if you are already divorced and not receiving enough, or paying too much, support — you need the help of our experienced Murrieta divorce attorney right away.

Attorney Michael D. Iverson's 10+ years of service to his clients and his deep knowledge of support statutes uniquely qualify him to defend your rights. He is your educator, advocate, confidante, and sympathetic guide during any journey through the legal process.

Is There a Limit to the Support One Can Be Ordered to Pay?

In California, there isn’t a cap to the amount of support that can be ordered. There is a specific formula used to determine child support, and therefore a limit cannot exist that would undermine the existing method for calculating child support. There are, however, some extremely limited scenarios in which the court can deviate from this rule.

When Does Child Support End?

Child support typically ends when the child graduates high school at the age of 18 if they are living with the custodial parent. If the child has not graduated at 18 but is still a full-time high school student, support can continue until they graduate or until they turn 19.

Can the Amount of Child Support Be Changed?

Child support can be modified after the fact. Changes in circumstances are often a reason for parents to have to re-evaluate their finances and speak with a lawyer about making changes that reflect a new situation.

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As your lawyer, Michael D. Iverson works hard to bring order to the chaos in your family when disagreements or misconceptions about appropriate levels of support arise. His track record has revealed him to be an excellent negotiator and equally effective at trial if litigation is warranted.

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