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What To Do When a Parent Stops Paying Child Support
What To Do When a Parent Stops Paying Child Support

After receiving child support consecutively, it can be concerning when your ex-spouse all abruptly stops making payments. There are many reasons why a parent may stop fulfilling their child support obligations. For example, the parent lost their job, has health issues ...

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    • How Your Employment Status Affects Child Support

      Losing your job is terrifying, especially if you are paying child support. Since being unemployed significantly impacts your ability to meet your ...

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    • What Are California’s Child Support Laws?

      Like all the other states, California has its own set of laws regarding child support. Following a divorce or separation, child support is an amount ...

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    • Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

      The process of going through a divorce can often be overwhelming and even confusing. On top of the feelings involved with getting a divorce, the legal ...

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    • Gone In 60 Seconds: What To Do If Your Divorce Came As A Surprise

      In many situations when one spouse requests a divorce, it can feel as if the request came from nowhere. Whereas one minute everything seemed fine, 60 ...

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    • Common Complications of Hiding Assets in a Divorce

      Many issues need to be sorted through during a divorce . The event itself is emotionally charged. However, you should not allow the strength of your ...

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    • Calculating Spousal Support in California

      When ending a marriage, there are a number of considerations splitting spouses will need to think about. Among them is spousal support, which is ...

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