Surviving the Holidays During a Divorce (Infographic)


Infographic: Surviving the Holidays During a Divorce

Stay Present

During times of distress, it can be tempting to block out your feelings through the use of alcohol or drugs. The holidays are filled with parties and celebrations, making it easier than ever to want to just give in and indulge yourself. However, when you are upset, this could lead to an emotional outburst filled with tears, regretful texts or phone calls, or worse. This year, lay off the eggnog and enjoy the moment by spending time with your loved ones.

Focus on Your Children

If you have children, you definitely cannot cancel the holidays. Amid all the changes and transitions due to your divorce, they will need some stability during this time, and the holidays can bring some joy back. By focusing on making the holidays bright, familiar, and cheerful for your children, you will undoubtedly find yourself partaking in the holiday joy as well.

Create New Traditions

Holidays are a time of celebrating with loved ones, and typically through family traditions. Don’t miss out on these events this year. These traditions can serve as a source of comfort, especially during times of difficulty. However, some may serve as painful reminders of your divorce. If this is the case, try creating some new traditions.


When you are down, giving back to others is a great way to temporarily take your mind off your problems while helping someone who truly needs it. If you are not already involved in an organization that needs holiday help, start researching local volunteer possibilities. Invite a friend, bring your children, or enjoy the time serving others on your own.

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