Can I Modify My Spousal Support?

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There may come a time when you can no longer afford the spousal support payments you agreed to as part of your divorce settlement. If this is the case, don't panic - you may be able to modify your spousal support agreement. However, you'll need to act quickly and follow the proper legal procedures to do so. Our Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC spousal support attorneys share what you should understand about spousal support modifications.

Common Reasons For Modification

What you initially agreed to as part of your divorce settlement may no longer reflect your current circumstances. If you have lost your job, received a demotion or pay cut, or received a salary increase, you may find that you are either unable to afford your spousal support or believe your spousal support is not enough for your former spouse.

Common reasons why modifications are approved include:

  • One party’s loss of employment
  • One party’s demotion or salary decrease
  • One party’s salary increase or new employment

You are legally obligated to report any financial changes regarding your earnings. If you believe that your former spouse has not reported a change in earnings, you can also request a modification to be made.

Modifying Your Current Order

If you believe that your change in salary would be considered substantial or if you have become unemployed, a modification may be able to help you. A modifications attorney can request a change be made to your current spousal support order. The court will review the changed circumstances and order a new spousal support value to be paid.

Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.

When your spousal support becomes something you can’t afford to pay, you can’t neglect to make a change. Our modifications attorney can help you request a modification to better reflect your financial circumstances and suit your budget.

Do you believe that your financial situation has changed? Our modifications attorney can help you request a change of your current court order. Call us today at (951) 418-2770 to get started and schedule a consultation.

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