Why Is It Important to Review My Custody Arrangement?

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If you share custody of your children with another parent, understanding the importance of reviewing your custody arrangement is essential. In California, it is important to review and modify your custody agreement if necessary to ensure that any changes in circumstances are taken into account and that the best interests of your children remain the priority.

So what should you consider when reviewing your custody arrangement?

Changes in Circumstances

The most common reason for reviewing and modifying a custodial agreement is when there has been a significant change in circumstances. This could be anything from one parent relocating to another part of the state or country to changes in work schedules or job locations or even if there has been a change in financial stability. Any of these changes can affect either parent’s ability to provide adequate care for their children, so it is important to review and adjust the terms of the custodial agreement as needed.

Health and Safety

Another factor to consider when reviewing your custodial agreement is health and safety issues. If either parent finds themselves living in an unsafe environment or surrounded by individuals who may pose a danger to their children, then it may be necessary to adjust the custody arrangement accordingly. This could include limiting visitation rights or changing where the child spends certain days of the week. It may also mean changing where holidays are spent or adjusting extracurricular activities if they involve contact with other parties who may be dangerous or have questionable motivations.

Child’s Developmental Needs

Finally, it is important to consider any developmental needs that may arise for a child as they grow older and mature. As parents, we need to take our child’s age into account when making decisions about their care, including how much time they spend with each parent and what types of activities are appropriate for them at different stages of their development. This can help ensure that both parents have adequate time with their children while still taking into consideration any special needs they may have as they grow up.

Why Should I Begin an Annual Review?

Reviewing your custody arrangement on a regular basis is an important part of being an effective co-parent in California. Ensuring that any changes in circumstances are taken into account can help protect both parents and their children from potential harm due to unsafe living situations or inappropriate activities for their age level. It can also help prevent conflicts between co-parents by providing clear guidelines on how visitation times should be divided between them based on individual work schedules and other commitments each one might have outside of parenting responsibilities.

Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.

By regularly reviewing your California custodial agreement, you can ensure that your child's active custody order is in their best interests. If you have questions about your custody agreement or need to seek a modification, our child custody attorney at Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC can help.

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