Does Your Divorce Settlement Agreement Need To Be Modified?

Whether you are undertaking a divorce for the first time or you are already pursuing a second chapter of your life, after divorce, it may come as news to you that no divorce is ever really "final." Life hands us hurdles that must be navigated legally over time, such as setbacks like serious injuries or illnesses that can be expensive to treat, or the need to relocate for business or military service, which can impact levels of child access.

Changes like these, sudden and substantial shifts in circumstance, often call for revisions, or modifications, to the child custody, visitation and financial support portions of your California divorce settlement agreement.

In Murrieta and Riverside County, the experienced family law and divorce lawyer who can help you "go with the flow" of life passages is Michael D. Iverson. His Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC, is the rock you can lean on during any difficult period, post-divorce.

Mr. Iverson offers the obvious advantages of his 10 years of successful practice. He can skillfully assist when you request or contest a parental relocation to another state. He is there for you when a job is lost, affecting the ability to pay child support or spousal support. And his expertise is invaluable when custody and support obligations go unfulfilled, and warrant a court-ordered enforcement of responsibilities.

A Decade Of Dedication To Solutions For Your Post-Judgment Modification Legal Problems

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