Addressing Your Paternity Issues In Southern California

Unmarried, separated couples face many of the same legal challenges that traditional families do — especially where care, custody and financial support for children born out of wedlock are concerned.

At the Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC, we have the skilled attorney who is sensitive to the problems you face, and who works hard to solve them. Michael D. Iverson applies every benefit of his 10 years of family law experience to generate solutions that benefit you.

Mr. Iverson represents the interests of birth mothers seeking regular child support, and biological fathers who are prepared to pay that support in order to be closer to their children. He can set the legal wheels in motion that result in DNA testing for proof of parentage, parenting time availability for visitation rights and general guidance throughout the process.

The Experienced Lawyer You Need When Paternity Issues Arise

Are you an unmarried birth mother who desires zero contact with the father of your child or children? Are you a father whose goal is reconciliation with a birth mother, or the offer of financial support that could translate to increased child access?

For all of the ways that paternity matters can affect your life, Michael D. Iverson can propose practical legal remedies that will put this difficulty behind you. To discuss your specific situation at our Murrieta law offices in an initial consultation, contact us today by phone at 951-428-3989 or stay at our website to reach us by email.