What is Summary Dissolution?

couple meeting with a lawyer for a divorce
If you are interested in ending your marriage in a quick, mess-free manner, you may start seeking options to get it done as easily as possible. For some couples, summary dissolution can end their marriage without the need to see a judge or even meet with an attorney. Our divorce attorney explains summary dissolution and how a divorce attorney can help you expedite your divorce.

Defining Summary Dissolution

Summary dissolution is a method of divorce in which a married couple can divorce quickly and cleanly. However, most couples may not qualify for summary dissolution for their divorce due to the strict qualifications.

Qualifications for Summary Dissolution

Couples pursuing a summary dissolution for their divorce must meet the following qualifications to be eligible to file:

  • Both members of the marriage wish to divorce
  • Your marriage lasted less than 5 years
  • You do not have shared children and are not currently pregnant
  • You do not own any physical property such as buildings or land
  • You do not rent any physical property except for your current residence, but do not have a 1-year lease or option to purchase the residence
  • Do not have debts over $6,000 other than car loans
  • Do not have community property worth over $47,000 not including cars
  • Are not seeking spousal support
  • Have already divided your property in a property division agreement
  • One spouse must have lived in California for the last 6 months and the filing county for the last 3 months

If you do not hit one of the above criteria, then you will be unable to file for summary dissolution. Due to the quick and painless nature of summary dissolution, the criteria are strict to ensure that only couples who can truly pursue summary dissolution can file for this method of divorce.

Do You Wish to Pursue Summary Dissolution?

If you do qualify for summary dissolution and would like to utilize this method for a speedy divorce, our divorce attorney at Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC can help.

In your first consultation, you will review your divorce and confirm that you in fact can file for summary dissolution. In your meetings following, your attorney will guide you through the filing process and the completion of any documents you will need to submit to the court.

With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, your summary dissolution can be quick, easy, and done without ever needing to step into a courtroom.

Are you ready to file for summary dissolution? Schedule a free consultation with our divorce lawyer today by calling (951) 418-2770 or contacting us online.

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