Do I Need Permission to Travel With My Children?

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When planning a family vacation, you may need to consult your time-sharing agreement to better understand your travel availability. Depending on your child custody arrangement, traveling with your children can be a breeze, but often, it can be complicated as you try to navigate through the process legally. Our Murietta child custody attorney shares when parents may need permission to travel with their children.

Traveling Out of the State of California

If you are traveling out of the state of California or internationally, you may need to consult your child custody agreement to ensure that you are free to travel with your child without the other parent’s permission. Your custody agreement may include clauses prohibiting a named parent from traveling out of the state with the child, preventing you from specific travel.

If your custody agreement does not have a clause prohibiting travel, but you determine that your planned trip may overlap with the other parent’s planned time-sharing, you will need to request permission from your child’s other parent to make this trip.

What If I Don’t Have Permission?

If you do not receive the permission of your child’s other parent, you will need to cancel your plans and instead plan something either within your own time-sharing schedule or within the state. Parents who travel with their children without the consent of their child’s other parent can be charged with violating their child custody agreement and other severe consequences, so it is important to cancel your plans if you do not have permission.

If you are unable to contact your child’s other parent or you have a clause prohibiting you from traveling internationally with your child in your custody agreement, you can request a court order that grants you special permission to travel with your child. When pursuing this court order, you will need to demonstrate that you did everything possible to reach out to your child’s other parent and share your potential plans for this trip.

Murietta Child Custody Attorney

If you share custody of your child and are planning a trip outside of California, you may need some extra guidance when seeking the permission of your child’s other parent or a court order approving the planned trip. Our child custody attorney at Law Offices of Michael D. Iverson, APC is experienced in helping families find solutions that work best for them.

Are you planning international travel with your child? Schedule a consultation with our child custody attorney by calling (951) 418-2770 to learn more about how we can help you prepare for this trip.

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